UPenn IPD Cape Town Summer 2011

Welcome! We're 5 Integrated Product Design (IPD) graduate students at UPenn given an ethics grant to work at product design firms in Cape Town. Eric, Evan, Lea and Jon are working at XYZ, while Ding is working at Skeg.

The IPD Masters in Science in Engineering is a recently established interdisciplinary program, based in the engineering, design and business schools. We come from architecture, engineering and liberal arts undergrads.

Eric, Evan and Jon are from the Northeast US; Lea's from Florida; and Ding's from California/China. This is all of our first times in South Africa, and so far we're having an excellent experience.
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Today, Lea, Evan and I had some excellent breakfast at Birds Boutique Cafe, while waiting for Ding and Jon to arrive. It’s a very unconventional restaurant set up, with plywood tables, ambient bird sounds and delicious food—something you would see in Portland, but cooler. They make their own pottery that we ate out of, and you can also purchase.

As you can see, I couldn’t wait to eat my crepe w/ fresh fruit and ice coffee (coffee sundae?) before taking a picture.

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